Dec 14, 2008
Making a separate thread for easy referencing. Please posts characters here, and direct any questions to the Discussion thread, to avoid clutter. Thanks!

Character Stuff:
The most important thing to keep in mind will be backstory, and making a real person, so to speak. There isn't much in town to draw incredible people in. I'm not saying that I am forbidding interesting characters, I just don't want the equivalent of Min-maxed twinks for characters, alrighty? That being said, if you have really good reasons and an amazing backstory, go right ahead and ask, I may just approve it if I like the idea. But enough ranting, let's see the character sheet!

Name: for obvious reasons ;)
age: 18+, for safety reasons.
Gender: Male or Female, please no Herms.
Physical Description: Words, picture, or both, whichever you feel comfortable with.
Occupation: However they earn the money for the roof over their heads, if applicable. Doesn't have to be legal, though illegal activities are either rare or not very profitable.
Aptitude: Indicates your character's natural ability. There are three categories: Physical, Mental, and Social. Place them 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, by how good your character is generally at them. This isn't the be-all end-all however, you could have mental last and still be intelligent, it just might take you a moment longer to think through a problem, for example.
Backstory: Make it as long or as short as you like, point form, story form, a poem, whatever you are comfortable with. The more there is to it, however, the more I can write your character into the story, so they can do interesting things ;)
Day in the Life: Introduced because I am a lazy ST, and wish to look through it for an easy way to get the character into the game :p if you have a full character before this thread appeared, feel free to ignore this, as I already have a plan for your character. Otherwise, fill in in any way you see fit, as with Backstory.

Rule 34

Nov 10, 2008
Re: Characters

Name: Jonas Fletcher aka Fletch
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Physical Description: Jonas is a tall, burly man with auburn hair that is, just like his full beard of the same color, a little too long to look proper. His eyes have a dark green color with speckles of blue. Jonas' clothing tends to be very simple, and on the toned down side of the color scheme. More often than not he wears a simple overall in a dirty grey tone with "Fletcher's Towing & Repair" stitched on it, as well as a baseball cap with the same logo.
Occupation: Fletch works as a car mechanic and has a towing service on the side.
1 Physical
2 Social
3 Mental
Backstory: Jonas has been born into a less than wealthy family in the U.S. of A. Father worked at an assembly line, mother did part-time as a waitress. Now and then Daddy got too drunk and hit Mommy, but she never got more than a black eye. Little Jonas got through high school okay and enlisted into the army shortly before they marched into Iraq. Fletch doesn't like to talk about the war, and after he returned he got the hell out of the country and migrated north of the border.
Fletch's social life is pretty calm. Every second friday is Poker Night at his place, a halfway decent apartment, with a few friends and colleagues. Now and then he picks up a girl from a bar or just gets smashed. There is no wealth or glory in Fletch's future, but he's not complaining. Much.

HP: [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
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Nov 10, 2008
Re: Characters

Name: Eve (Pronounced Eevee) Vosmus
age: 21
Gender: Female
Physical Description: She's 4'3" with light tan skin. Her eyes are ice green, her pale russet hair is usually up in pigtail ringlets. She wears fitted button up shirts with Blue jeans, knee high boots with buckles up the front, and a studded leather jacket.
She has that smaller perfection that people often see in small people.
Occupation: She's an underwear model, and a landscape painter
1. Social
2. Mental
3. Physical
Backstory: She grew up in South Tennessee spending most of her time outside hiking in the blue ridge mountains. Her parents owned a small bed and breakfast, and she spent the rest of her time painting. After graduating high school she moved to Red Deer and got a job as a model to pay for college, and get an art degree.
Day in the life: well she wakes up, showers, and eats before heading off to do a morning shoot. Then head off for lunch and then heads out into the wild to work on a landscape painting, then in the late afternoon she heads home to shower and relax, before heading out to a club.
Nov 10, 2008
Re: Characters

Name: Ronell Landry, though he prefers Ronny.
Age: 28.
Gender: Male.

Physical Description: Tall and athletic, Ronny typically dresses in black jeans with a dark colored shirt. He also usually wears a waist length black coat and black jungle boots polished to a high shine. His thin strong jawed face is completely clean shaven though he still seems to have a bit of a five o'clock shadow, and his blond hair is about average in length. Though not usually seen he has three tattoos: A black sea serpent going from his lower back up to his right shoulder blade, a black cross on his left shoulder blade, and the 2 Royal Canadian Regiment unit crest on his left forearm. He weighs roughly 200 lbs and is about 6'4" tall, with pale brown eyes.

Occupation: Currently looking for a job, as he quit his night stockman job at the Sobey's after his embrace.

1. Physical
2. Social
3. Mental

Back story: Born in 1982 in Halifax to your typical family with no real problems. After graduating from high school with decent grades, he chose to join the army as an infantryman. His superiors in the 2 RCR (Royal Canadian Regiment) found he had a unique gift for interrogation and getting things done. So after going through sergeants training and the tactical questioning course, he found himself a sergeant in charge of troops just as the War on terror began. While on tour in Afghanistan he mostly did tactical stuff, though he did get to spend some time in the rear helping with the full interrogations. After doing so many interrogations he oddly began to enjoy the challenge of it, though he still usually felt bad about it afterwards.

After returning from his tour he developed an almost sick fascination with reading people and using it to his advantage. However the bad feelings he felt after doing this caused him to turn to alcohol. Which eventually lead to both problems spinning out of control. Luckily he was still able to get out with an honorable discharge, though by this time he was addicted to his hobbies of reading people and drinking.

After his discharge he tried to go back home for a month, but found it unsatisfactory. So he left to wander around both Canada and the US for a year doing whatever job he could hold at the time. Recently he stopped in Red Deer, where he easily found a simple job for spending money. He still enjoys his hobbies quite a bit, though he has the feeling it may lead to trouble one of these days.

Typical night: After rising from his daily torpor, he does his best to make himself presentable. He usually hunts every other day to keep himself at roughly half his blood pool. Unless he's planning on doing something where he may need to use blood. Usually hunts in bars as it's easier, though he has started to hunt in the more dangerous neighborhoods as well.
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Nov 10, 2008
Re: Characters

((Slight changes to reflect the bookstore route.))

Name: Isabella Frost
Age: 22
Gender: Female

Physical Description: Much to her chagrin, Isabella lives up to her name. She's an average height (5'7"), trim, pale blonde with icy blue eyes. At least naturally. She takes to dying her hair every now and then, just to shut people up about the connection between her name and her looks, so every so often, her hair can be seen two-toned. She also keeps it relatively short so it's easier to care for. During the summer, when she tans, she has a nice, healthy look about her but in the winter when she doesn't see as much sun, she's often asked if she's feeling well or teased for her "ice princess" look. As such, she tends to avoid wearing bold colors, dressing in more muted or pastel tones so the contrast between her clothes and her complextion isn't as noticable.

Occupation: Isabella is a education major, minoring in history and psychology who's aiming to be a teacher. She attends the college on grants and loans, she rooms in the dorms/student housing, and works in the book store for spending money/income.

1. Mental
2. Social
3. Physical

Backstory: Attending college away from home was Isabella's big chance at finally proving to her family that 'the baby' could be independent. She's the youngest of four children and grew up with the double-standard of both being over-protected and having more freedom than her sibilngs. Still, that didn't stop her parents from worrying when she decided to go to college in another province after her freshman year. She worked hard to prove she could handle herself and her situation and has finally stopped getting her mother to call her every night. Of course, she's had her fair share of mishaps, too, but she chalks them up to 'learning experiences' and so long as she doesn't get hurt, burn down her living space, or cause a global catastrophe, she counts it as a victory.

She hasn't fallen into the college party scene but she's by no means an anti-social bookworm (despite her majors). Every now and again, she finds ways to go out and have fun. That doesn't stop her from using her classes as an excuse to shy away from dating. It's not that she's not interested, she just hasn't met the right guy yet. Working where she does, she does get the chance to interact with lots of different types of people and like all good public servants, can be friendly and open when she needs to. Still, she can have something of a black and white view of people: she either likes them or she doesn't, and if she doesn't, well, let's just say the 'ice princess' isn't wholly an undeserved nickname. She does her best to not judge people right away, but once she's formed her opinion of someone, it tends to stick with her. If she does like someone, though, she's generally cheery and willing to lend them a hand.

Given that she's usually either working or studying, she doesn't have much time for an extremely active lifestyle, but she likes getting out and trying various activities that are supposed to keep her healthy. Usually, though, either because of time or lack of interest, that doesn't go over too well. She has a fondness for old movies and trashy romance novels (both of which have also colored her social expectations of men) and always shys away from the coffee shop whenever there's a open mic night or poetry reading. Likes the art, tends to hate the "artieste" and the subsequent fans and hangers-on.

Being as she can't have animals running loose, even though she likes them, she does have one pet: A beta fish she has named Bruce.

Health - [] [] [] [] [] []
BP - OOOOOOoooooo
(O = full, o = empty)

Chimestry - 2
Fortitude - 3
Animalism - 1

Current XP - 0
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Nov 28, 2008
Re: Characters

Name: Claire Winters
Age: 46
Gender: Female
Physical Description: Despite her age, Claire is still very fit with an athletic frame. A result of morning runs and frequenting the gym. Her face however is starting to show its age, and her physical lifestyle. The skin is weathered, and starting to wrinkle. Her dark brown hair is offset by the strands of gray that have becoming more noticeable in recent years, though she does nothing to conceal it. Her brown eyes, however, still hold a strong spark within. She is fairly tall, standing at 5'9" and weighing 147 lbs.
Below is my inspiration for Claire after her night alone as a vampire
Occupation: Clair is a sergeant for the local Police Detachment.
1. Physical
2. Social
3. Mental
Backstory: Claire had an average life growing up. She did well enough in High School as she grew up in Ontario, and went to College for Police Foundations. She always enjoyed the outdoors, even having been a member of the Scouts when she was younger and continuing to camp whenever she found the time. She paid for her time through school by doing work with the Army Reserves where she got a stronger sense of adventure and learned even more survival skills. After finishing College she applied to the OPP and RCMP, and various large city police forces through Ontario.
Claire was accepted by the RCMP, and she left the military after reaching the rank of Master Corporal. Her time in Police Academy was made easier from her experiences in the military. After graduating, Claire was sent out to the detachment in Red Deer. She quickly got settled into the small town, buying a small house. She was married once but it didn't last, and she now lives alone, with no children.
As for family, her father died when she was going through college from a heart attack. Her mother passed away a few years back, leaving her without any family.
Typical Day: Claire starts her day off early, around 5 or 8 depending on working or not. She goes out for a run in the park behind her house on Riverside Dr. before heading home to eat, shower and dress. If she dosn't work its a random day, if she does, she heads into the station for around 8 in the morning. From there she will either do paper work or patrol the streets of Red Deer. Afterwards she goes to the gym before heading home. She makes a meal watches some TV, before heading to bed.

Health: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
Willpower: 4
Blood Points: 6/12

Celerity- 1 (Alacrity)
Obfuscate- 2 (Cloak of Shadows, Unseen Presence)
Protean- 3 (Eyes of the Beast, Feral Claws, Earth Meld)
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