Truffles and/or Peaches
Jul 6, 2011
Berserker(Juten Only): An all out fighter, the berserker does a certain percentage more damage when their health dips under 50%. Major Attribute: Strength. Skill Granted: Two handed Weapons.

Mage: The Mage is a versatile spell-caster, learning their magick through thorough study of the magickal arts. Major Attribute: Intelligence. Skill Granted: Arcane Knowledge.

Occultist: A dangerous profession, the occultist is a rare individual who is able to summon and control spirits and demons, gaining further knowledge from their work. Major Attribute: Intelligence. Skill Granted: Minor Spirit Lore.

Hunter: The hunters of the Wilds are dangerous, isolated individuals. Crack shots with the bow, and learning how to use wild flora, they have some skill at healing. Major Attribute: Dexterity. Skills: Minor Herbalism, Bow.

Thief: Mistrusted by those around them, the Thief is adept with daggers and short bows, and is very stealthy, sneaking up on enemies. (Unable to use axes, longswords, bastard swords.) Skills Granted: Bow, Daggers.

Warrior: Similar to a barrel, the warrior is toughened by years of training, and is able to use the sword proficiently. Skill Granted: Sword, Shield. Major Attribute: Strength.

Knight: The noble warrior, the knight uses valor to win his fights, and looks down at others. He is strong, and quite good with a blade. Skills Granted: Sword, Mount. Major Attribute: Strength.

(May put more later. If you have a request, PM me.)
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