[Complete - Full] Huntress of Nipurheim -Branded Azel-

Nov 6, 2013
About CG 31 the first time you talk with that guy he check if the name of you current armor contains the word "bunny", the problem is with the second scene, when he ask for the cowgirl costume he checks if the name of your current equipped one is exactly "cowgirl"... so it'll never trigger.
I changed it to do the same as with the bunny dress but with the word cowgirl and it should work now.
Here is my old patch + the new fix:
It's an easy fix but keep a backup just in case


Evard's Tentacles of Forced Intrusion
Nov 13, 2013
Sorry for the sort-of-necro, but could someone surmise for me - or at least correct me if I'm wrong?
If I got it right from the posts in the thread, applying the TL patch (thx solidx) and then applying the 'Event20 and CG31' fix from two posts above (thx donpatchi) on a v1.03... Everything basically works and is translated?
Yes? xD
Apr 1, 2018
That is good and all but is it the same translation? an dif so did they credit the guy who transalted it?
Sorry for the late reply, should've written in the first post that I translated it and I'm publishing it and I didn't use anyone's translation, sorry for the confusion!
Apr 17, 2011
Sorry if this sounds noob, but how do I apply the patch? Because after I extract all the patch files into Data folder it said cannot load the game because there is no basic info data Game.dat