Laws of the Night OOC and Discussion

Nov 10, 2008
Re: Laws of the Night OOC and Discussion

Weird I just realized what was missing. Where did the two threads describing the clans and disciplines get to :confused:

Anyways, the game was 10 times more fun and interesting when you were running it, Shrike. I think most of the others would agree with me on that, too. It was far smoother and more enjoyable with you at the helm than the random meandering I had going.

I can help you try to sort out plot and NPC's if you need the help with that. Most of the crap I added in could probably just be ignored or hand-waved if that seems a problem. I could help with running NPC's if you needed it it but I don't have much interest in playing as Ronny. He's pretty easy to just lose in my opinion so that shouldn't be a problem though.