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Nov 10, 2008
Gender: (Male or Female)
Species: (Human or Drow)
Physical Description:
Personality Description: (Need at least a starting description.)
Character Background: (Technically optional, but rather recommended.)
Other Background Notes: (Optional.)
GM Characters and Major NPCs

Name: Nathaniel "Nate" Cross
Gender: Male
Species: Human

Physical Description: Roughly 6'3" and about 185 lbs. Shorter cut dark brown hair, brown eyes. Light complexion. Prefers to wear tan colors, particularly a tan long-sleeved shirt, brown jeans, riding-style boots, and has a brown "gunslinger" style overcoat. Has a vertical scar running across his left eye, although both eyes seem to work well. Known to have several long cut scars, as well as a handful of puncture scars. All scars are somewhat faded, and tend to only be readily visible in bright light. Or if he ends up tanned or (more likely) sunburned.

Personality Description: Nate is often described as easy-going and has a willingness to talk to new people, although mostly he tends to let others handle most of any conversations he's in. He's also known to have skill in several detective work-related activities, as well as being very inventive and highly adept at technology and mechanical work. Oddly enough, he seems to get somewhat edgy when rumors, urban legends, or odd occurances are mentioned. Often described on those who know him as being an excellent listener, as well as being exceptionally discreet. He does, however, have two major flaws: He was known to have a hair-trigger temper during his youth, which he seems to have under control. Also, he seems to occasionally have issues with a combination of absentmindedness and awkwardness. This combination has, in the past, resulted in almost slap-stick like humorous chain reactions, much to Nate's detriment.

Character Background: Very little is known for certain about Nate's early life. There are only four events known for certain, all of them apparently key in forming the young man into what he is now. First, while still very young, his parents died in an apparent arson. This directly lead to the second event, the young boy being taken in and raised by a family friend, one Koike Shiraishi. Later on, during his teens, Nate experienced loss for a second time, as his childhood friend and first love was found murdered in what appeared to be a ritualistic fashion. Finally, Vincent Metras, a fellow ward of Shiraishi's, suffered a severe psychotic episode, resulting an explosive battle between the two former friends. Current belief is that most, if not all, of Nate's collection of scars comes from that fight. Although Metras survived the fight, circumstances surrounding the following events led to Metras' death.

Other Background Notes: Appears to be between 18-24 years old. Works for Cross Technologies, a technology firm/corporation that specializes in primarily medical technology, although an entertainment division exists as well. He was once thought to be a point-of-contact for a mysterious private investigations group entirely focussed on singularly unusual cases, often with elements that cause normal channels to view them as 'unsolvable' or 'without sufficient evidence for pursuit'. Lack of evidence of such a connection, and to a lesser extent, evidence of the shadowy group's activity on Pathos, has caused such theories to be dropped.

Name: Koike Shiraishi (Or Shiraishi Koike, if you want it correctly...)
Gender: Male
Species: Human

Physical Description: 6' even, roughly 180 lbs. Grey hair, green eyes, light complexion. Wears black pants, a black button-up shirt, high black boots, and a dark green coat. Seems to have faint gold trim.

Personality Description: Quiet, calm, reserved. Rarely shows much emotion. Very fluid in movements, and almost never hurries.

Character Background: Besides being some manner of martial arts master, and an expert swordsman, little is known about Shiraishi's past. He just doesn't talk much about it.

Other Notes: He appears to be in his early 50s, but even Cross has no idea just how old Shiraishi really is. He was also thought to be a key member in the investigation agency, again lack of evidence caused such examinations to be dropped.
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Re: Revamp Character Info Thread

Name: Senra "Bell" Belladonna
Gender: Female
Species: Drow

Physical Description: Picture 5'7", lighter skin (for a Drow) and white hair. Wears glasses for reading, computer work, and such. Hates wearing uniforms of any sort, usually wearing outfits in purples and blacks that don't leave a lot to the imagination.

Personality Description: Outgoing and a fair bit of a tease, Bell is all about having a good time, even at work. She'll sing along to music while she's working, sometimes driving others nearby to distraction, though she sings quite well. Always friendly, she often drags people she just met out for parties on the weekend. She loves attention, and hates when she has to compete for it.

Background: An expert with computers, she runs her own small business, contracting her skills out to various companies and even the military on occasion. She has spent the past 6 or 7 months familiarizing herself with Human computers, hoping to expand into that area as well. Cross had offered her a job when the facility was first running, wanting her to work as a programmer for their entertainment division. She had turned him down at the time, her own business still fresh and needing her constant attention, and Bell herself not feeling used to human tech enough to program for it just yet.
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Re: Revamp Character Info Thread

Name: Will Hadley
Gender: Male
Species: Human

Physical Description: 6” and 22 years old, with shaggy light hair and a nose that appears to have been broken at least once. Slender and wiry, he usually wears comfortably loose clothes and a battered jacket with the logo of his old shipping company on the back.

Personality Description: Talkative and impulsive, Will is the sort of person who makes a good friend and a bad enemy. He has a streak of dark humor a mile wide, one that extends to tweaking his own foibles and circumstances. This has combined with a chronic difficulty in keeping his mouth shut to get him into trouble on more than one occasion.

Character Background: Some see Pathos as a symbol, others as an experiment; Will saw it as an opportunity. New-founded colonies are eager for supplies, and cultures adjusting to one another will be prepared to pay luxury prices for the oddest items. Despite his young age, he signed on with the Hope Shipping Company as a pilot, soon collecting a tidy sum from his shares…at least until the company was investigated under smuggling charges. Although he himself was never linked to any criminal activity, Will was grounded and currently works moving cargo at Orchrios docks.

(This is, of course, assuming Orchrios has a spaceport and space transport companies are a thing)
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Re: Revamp Character Info Thread

Name: Vargas Filantes

Gender: Male.

Species: Human.

Physical Description: 1.81m. high and 87kg. Shoulder-lenght brown hair donned in a pony tail, red eyes. Usually very informal, wearing only a plain, short-sleeved white shirt and black jeans, and a pair of heavy-duty leather gloves he almost never seems to remove from his hands. Has a lean, slightly muscular build, and bears a number of scas, mainly on his arms, a couple on his hands and a big one on his right leg, it still works normally, though. He always carries on his belt a wrench, a screwdriver, and a gunholser with a revolver in it.

Personality Description: Vargas is the type to talk very little, but he is otherwise an approachable guy, laid-back and relaxed, and very slow to anger. Works with good and in construction, has also fallen behind somewhat when technology is concerned.
Character Background: He used to live somewhere far, far away, which was much more peaceful than anywhere else. There’s very little else, to it. He did boxing in his youth, but a broken wrist put a stop to his career early on and when angered, a very rare sight, the reason why he is called the 2-punch Knock-Out becomes apparent.

Other Background Notes: (Optional.)

(Took a bit too long, here's the character if I can still do anything.)

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