ThaidogRPG: The Dragonlord (Host)


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Nov 15, 2008
Being: Yellow Dragon, Male, Asssassin

Life: 20
Mana: 36

Might: 4
Vigor: 5
Brain: 9
Guile: 7
Charm: 9

Power: 4(Melee, Might), 7(Ranged, Guile), 14(Sneak, Guile*2), 9(Magic, Brain)
Attack: +8(Melee, Might*2), +14(Ranged, Guile*2), +14(Sneak, Guile*2), +18(Magic, Brain*2)
Evasion: +21(Physical, Guile*2), +18(Magical, Brain*2)
Sex: +20(Penetrative, Might+Charm+Guile), +16(Foreplay, Guile+Charm), +18(Resist, Brain+Charm)
Stealth: 21 (Guile*3)

Type: Ego Magic
Themes: Life, Air, Water
Limit: 0/9 Spells (Brain/2 + 5)

Heal(3MP)(Healing)(Heals Life equal to Magic Power)
Suffocate(3MP)(Damaging)(Deals damage equal to Magic Power/2)(Unresistable)
Hornify(3MP)(Debuff)(Causes intense lust, forcing the victim to seek out nearest desierable target for sexual activity. Lack thereof equals masturbation)(Magic Power Duration)
Hyper(3MP)(Buff)(+Magic Power bonus to Dodge)(Magic Power Duration)
Calm(3MP)(Debuff)(-Magic Power penalty to Resist, Calms)(Magic Power Duration)
Brilliance(3MP)(Buff)(+Magic Power bonus to Resist)(Magic Power DUration)
Guiding Winds(4MP)(AoE Buff)(+Magic Power/2 bonus to Ranged Attack)(Magic Power Duration)

Assassin(+1 Stealth from Guile, +.5 Sneak Damage from Guile)
Strike It's Weakpoint(+.5 stealth damage from Guile)
Skillful Penetration(+1 Penetrative Sex from Guile)
Desperate Avoidance(+1 Physical Evasion from Guile)

Shortspear(Exotic Weapon)(+1d6 Ranged Power)(+1d4 Melee Power)
Being: Yellow Kobold, Female, Advisor Assassin

Life: 20 (Vigor*4)
Mana: 32 (Brain*4)

Might: 6
Vigor: 5
Brain: 8
Guile: 8
Charm: 7

Power: 6(Melee, Might), 8(Ranged, Guile), 12(Sneak, Guile*2), 8(Magic, Brain)
Attack: +20(Melee, Might*2+Guile*1), +16(Ranged, Guile*2), +16(Sneak, Guile*2), +16(Magic, Brain*2)
Evasion: +16(Physical, Guile*2), +16(Magical, Brain*2)
Sex: +13(Penetrative, Might+Charm), +15(Foreplay, Guile+Charm), +15(Resist, Brain+Charm)
Stealth: 24 (Guile*3)

Assassin(+1 Stealth from Guile, +.5 Sneak Power from Guile)
Strike It's Weakpoint(+.5 Sneak Power From Guile)
Stabby Aggressor(+1 Melee Attack from Guile)

Serrated Daggers(Exotic Weapon)(+1d6 Melee Power)(+1d4 Ranged Power)

Role: Soldier

Life: 27 (Vigor*3)
Mana: 8 (Brain*2)

Might: 10
Vigor: 9
Brain: 4
Guile: 7
Charm: 4

Power: 5(Melee, Might/2), 3(Ranged, Guile/2), 3(Sneak, Guile/2), 2(Magic, Brain/2)
Attack: +20(Melee, Might*2), +7(Ranged, Guile*1), +7(Sneak, Guile*1), +4(Magic, Brain*1)
Evasion: +17(Physical, Guile*1+Might*1), +4(Magical, Brain*1)
Sex: +7(Penetrative, Might/2+Charm/2), +5(Foreplay, Guile/2+Charm/2), +4(Resist, Brain/2+Charm/2)
Grapple: +10(Grapple, Might*1), +8(Escape, Might/2+Guile/2)

Soldier(+1 Life-from-Vigor Multiplier)(+1 Melee Attack-from-Might Multiplier)
The Best Defense(+1 Physical Evasion From Might)

Curved Swords(+1d6 Melee Power)
Role: Asssassin

Life: 10 (Vigor*2)
Mana: 18 (Brain*2)

Might: 4
Vigor: 5
Brain: 9
Guile: 9
Charm: 7

Power: 2(Melee, Might/2), 4(Ranged, Guile/2), 13(Sneak, Guile*1.5), 4(Magic, Brain/2)
Attack: +4(Melee, Might*1), +9(Ranged, Guile*1), +9(Sneak, Guile*1), +9(Magic, Brain*1)
Evasion: +9(Physical, Guile*1), +9(Magical, Brain*1)
Sex: +5(Penetrative, Might/2+Charm/2), +8(Foreplay, Guile/2+Charm/2), +8(Resist, Brain/2+Charm/2)
Stealth: 18(Guile*2)

Assassin(+1 Stealth from Guile, +.5 Sneak Power from Guile)
Strike It's Weakpoint(+.5 Sneak Power From Guile)

Slings & Stone(1d6 Ranged Power)

Coin: 0 Gems, 2 Gold, 105 Silver, 0 Copper
Lifeforce: 9 Universal, 0 Magical, 0 Heroic, 0 Sinister

Gniral, The Advisor

Saharah, The Demon Priestess
Jennifer, The Commoner

Browns: 4
Yellows: 5

-Misc Items-
1x Demon Ruby
1x White Silk Dress
2x Curved Swords(+1 Damage, +1 Attack, Fighters Only)
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Nov 15, 2008
Re: ThaidogRPG: The Dragonlord (Host)

randomknight777: The Dragonlord awakens to careful nudging and and respectful, if pressuring, words. "It is time to rise, Dragonlord, there is much to be done, as you should know.", Gniral was the eldest of your yellow kobold forces, the most experienced. And frankly, the sanest of them. Should the Dragonlord linger in his makeshift bedding, he would find Gniral quite respectlessly climbing up and straddle across his chest, staring down at him intently. Should he rise as was demanded, if not quite needed, of him she would merely step aside with a pleased, faked innocent smile on her lips.

host24: Not one to waste time sleeping, the dragonlord pulled himself into a sitting position even before his advisor had finished speaking. His blankets - spoils stolen some time ago, and by now rather in need of washing - fell off of him as he left the bed, revealing golden scales on a lightly muscled, lean body - but still one much larger than that of his companion, with some visible height over a human, though not as much as some of his draconian kin. Mortals associated his kind with life and goodness; but while the dragonlord was certainly associated with life, the other attribute brought a cold smirk to his deceptively soft features every time he thought about it.

Leaving the bed, the dragonlord cupped the head of his advisor affectionately, before giving Gniral a soft like with his forked tongue on the bridge of her reptilian snout. “Thank you, Gniral. There is, indeed, much to do today…” if she expected more, the kobold would be disappointed, as the dragonlord moved his nude form to the chest containing his armour. It was something of a mishmash of stolen armour pieces, which did not suit the reptile’s high tastes… but the fact that the differing fits showed off some of his prized gold form between them appeased him. One would wonder why he did not simply go into battle naked, then…

randomknight777: Gniral was little surprised from her Lords determined rise, merely stepping aside to give him room. But he did manage to get surprise from her as he cupped her head and gave her a lick, the koboldess shuddering in a pleasant manner, and let out a joyous sigh, but betrayed no disappointment at the lack of continuation. She smiled pleasedly at his eagerness to have deeds get done, and would help him get clothed in the bits and pieces of spoils he had procured.

Once he were clothed, Gniral would again speak. "As you know, Dragonlord, there are but a dozen of us. Five browns, and six goldies, myself included. And then of course, yourself.", she spoke with concern. "So far I have managed to keep the males in line, but I fear I can only do so much.", she seethed slightly, as if disgusted by the males desire for no doubt the only female within the Dragonlords lair. "We need to find us... you... a Hive Queen!", her words adamant, as she stared up to the Dragonlord with both demanding and respecting eyes.

To his knowledge, the Dragonlord knew of a few small settlements both within and outside the forest, along with a path leading deeper into the thicker, darker parts of the forest, where creatures of magic made their living, including the elves. Within the forest there were small human outposts ranging from tradingposts to logging camps, and outside the forest there were actual villages, even a larger seaside town.

A Hive Queen however, would need more then any random female, it would demand someone special... a so-called 'Hero', people of prowess similiar to his own. And of course, Life Force to perform the ritual to make a Hive Queen.

host24: This was going to be a good day; he was sure of it. He had spent more than some time of poverty and seclusion in these ruins, the hopeful key to increasing his personal power, and most days he loathed, being little more than banditry that had so-far failed to acquire much of value. He had spent long enough in these parts now to recognize that this day would be different. …or, perhaps, not this day exactly, but certainly one day soon - there had been marked increases in traffic in and out of the woods, preparation for some event the dragon could care less about. The reason for the foot-traffic was irrelevant, only that it was present - and that meant that not only would his attacks be more profitable, there was more chance a hero would be present, and sent against him. The thought was exhilarating, both the chance to have a hive queen, and also the simple pride of being dangerous enough for a hero to come head-hunting. The lack of interest the humans showed in his, admittedly mild, harassment was comparatively insulting to a being of his stature. Of course, should his attempts at directly gaining attention fail (, or go too, horribly right,) the higher number of humans going in and out of these forested towns should give him the chance to find a hero using more deceptive measures…

“Come to me, my kobolds. We have an opportunity to seize.” The dragonlord would wait only for his pitiful force to assemble, before heading into the forest, towards the road leading into one of the trading posts which, he hoped, would have some easy and valuable plunder…

randomknight777: Gniral was outright delighted by the Dragonlords words, and took off, rounding up the few kobolds under his service, and like she had said, a total of six goldies and five browns. The former being, much like himself cunning and stealthy, despite the not so subtle coloration of their scales, with the browns being just that. Muscle. For what little it was worth. Minio-... Kobolds in tow, the Dragonlord set out for his usual spot, a small bushy hill overlooking a three-way intersection, one road leading to the plains beyond the forest, one to a logging camp, and one to a trading outpost. As the dozen reptilians waited in the bushes, Gniral had to, as was common, hiss and claw at the male kobolds to keep them at a distance from herself... All the while as she kept herself as close as she could to the Dragonlord of course. The one male she found desireable among them, which wasn't hard for anyone to tell.

As time passed, and some of the browns and goldies began to slouch and slack against a nearby log, a small wagon finally came into view... Coming from the loggers camp. Pulled by a pair of donkeys, ut looked loaded with wooden planks and simple tools, the escort consisting of four lumberjacks, and then there was the wagon rider, a young woman. The Dragonlord could sense Lifeforce, and none of these five humans possessed an outstanding aura, like heroes did. As usual, Gniral was quick to voice her opinions. "Building materials and tools, would surely aid us in setting up the lair, Dragonlord. What shall we do?"

host24: “The lair certainly needs work, but we do not have the spare manpower to make true use of them, and the goods are worth little to a trading post, giving little reason to send for a hero. The souls of the people here, too, are plain and I lack any significant use for them at the moment. We will let this one past, and save our strength for better prey.”

randomknight777: Gniral hissed lowly, but nodded grudgingly. "As you wish, Dragonlord.", no doubt she had wished to put the other kobolds to work, leaving them busy and her unbothered by them. The wagon peacefully rolled by, unaware of the ambushers. It would take some time until anything else happened, and by that time, most kobolds were snoring softly by the log, with only Gniral and two goldies still prepared to attack. Not that it would require much to awaken the others, as they slept lightly. Coming from the direction of the tradingpost, was a simple carriage, escorted by six lightly armed soldiers, militia no doubt. Although they had an exotic look to them, wielding curved swords and fancy, poofy pants, with cloth wrapped around their heads. Desert people by the looks of it. They had nothing oustanding about their auras, but something drew the dragonlords attention... Inside the carriage was someone with an aura fitting for a Hero, and a female at that! A desert princess? A desert sorceress? Who knows who it may be, but her carriage was slowly rolling towards the intersecting path of roads. Gniral, as a non-magical kobold, looked to the carriage unaware of what the Dragonlord may feel emanating from it. "What do we do, Dragonlord? The carriage doesn't look like it belongs to a rich person, but the escort do denote someone of some status at least."

host24: Without actually answering Gniral, the dragonlord’s smirk turned into a sinister grin reaching right across his face. He rather unkindly, though not painfully slapped a brown in the face as he hissed quietly, but with clear excitment, “Up, up! We have a carriage to attack! Get up the road, yellows, get into position to pounce them, browns, behind cover at our ambush site! Go!”
Standing to go himself, and making as little noise as possible to avoid putting the carriage on edge, the dragon addressed his advisor. “You said we needed a hive queen? Let’s see if we can get one.”

randomknight777: The Brown winced as he was slapped, eyes flying open as he stared at the Dragonlord, blinking, and began to yap and slap at every napping kobold near him, getting them all in action, the yellows scampering to set an ambush up, while the less sneaky browns moved to simply remain out of sight until it was time to charge in. Gniral blinked at the sudden order and action, staring up at the Dragonlord quizzically... But her eyes and lips widened with ubridled glee at the prospect of a Hive Queen, and she quickly dashed after the scurrying yellows to get into position, and soon they all were ready, as the carriage drew closer and closer... Soon the carriage was just about to pass them by. The browns kept perfectly still, and none of the yellows, including Gniral and the Dragonlord, would ever be noticed by the simple escorts.

And the moment the carriage came right by the hidden reptilians, the yellows threw jagged rocks from their hiding spots at the carriage escorts, taking the men by utter surprise!
One of the guards got struck by two rocks, and fell like a lead leaf to the ground with a thud, while three others got hit in their turban-clad heads and no doubt suffered mild concussion and brain damage!

Next on the initiative was Gniral, leaping out like a yellow bolt of jagged lightning, her two daggers sinking into the throat of one of the wounded guards, that let out a bloody gurgle as his life ended.
And then the browns, with complete disregard and lack of stealth, charged out swinging their clubs, "FOR THE MASTAAAH!", attacking at random and without focus, causing no casualties among the guards, but all of them got a decent hit in, albeit the damage was minimal compared to what the yellows had caused!
And then there was the Dragonlord to act next, as the woman in the carriage rose, clearly startled by the screams outside.

host24: The dragonlord looked on triumphantly as his minions did their work and well, both slingers at range and fighters in the melee. Seeing the soul of his prey getting up to leave the carriage did not surprise him, but did present something of a problem. Hero’s souls were not found in peasants, and this one would most likely have some significant skills to defend itself with; even worse, the kobold’s leader couldn’t quite tell what the powers she had were, beyond some connection to magic that was different from the typical, magely method he employed. While certainly eager to see the form of the life he planned to take and mould, the dragonlord resigned to waiting a few moments more. Chanting and weaving magic quietly to himself, a fairly simple spell formed, and he cast it upon the carriage. When the woman tried to leave, she would find all doors and windows refusing to budge, sealed even if they didn’t normally have a lock. She may perhaps be able to dispel the barrier, but the dragonlord doubted her ability to break it - nothing in the essence of her spirit particularly spoke of physical talent. At least, his minions should have more time to attack the caravans, the yellow kobolds continuing to hang back and attack at range, being far too frail to engage in melee - with the obvious exception of his spirited advisor.

randomknight777: The Dragonlord weaved his potent magics, creating a magical seal upon the carriage, to keep the person within sealed away from the battle. Now however, the few remaining escorts finally managed to get their focus back, making broad swings at the brown kobolds, the two weakest guards striking after the same brown, gravely wounding, but not quite finishing him off. Another guard went for another kobold, and the last went for Gniral, whom despite her nimbleness, was far too slow, she took a heavy blow and was sent flying off the road, a foul gash across her right arm. She curled up and whimpered lowly, despite all things, she were still a yellow, not meant for frontline combat... Had she been an ordinary yellow, she would've died on the spot. The woman within the carriage formed a spell, and unleashed it upon the Dragonlords seal... He could feel it gravely weaken, but it held for the time being, but another such potent attempt at dispelling it would undo it! Now however, he were able to act and direct his kobolds, gaining first initiative.

host24: Now the master waded into the fray himself, pike in hand, making use of the time the most dangerous opponent was sealed for. He had cast the spell in semi-silence, though he wasn’t sure if the guards had caught on to its use; either way, his throw was silent and would hopefully kill the fool that had wounded his advisor, also one of the healthiest targets left… and thus in most pressing need for a powerful hit from the reptile’s weapon. He was into the fray, picking the polearm from the presumed corpse or removing it from where it had fallen. His brown-scales didn’t worry him; if the five could not perform in combat, their death would be no great loss to the dragonlord, not when he could soon have a hive queen to replace them...

randomknight777: The Dragonlord had managed to remain undetected, and now unleashed his full might upon the man that had harmed his advisor so gravely, throwing his polearm with enough force to not only take the man off his feet, but also nail him against the carriage. The man gurgled in his own blood as death claimed him.
Now that the guards were alert and battle ready, and the yellows had lost the element of surprise, the few remaining humans managed to deftly evade or deflect the thrown rocks from the yellow kobolds, the small creatures whining in protest!
On the other hand, the browns had the time of their lives, swinging their clubs, pummeling the remaining guards into the dirt with unrivalled enthusiasm, as was common to their kind. The last guardsmen finally beaten or dead...
Then it happened, a bright flash errupted from within the carriage, and the door flew off it's hinges, swishing right past the Dragonlords head, inside stood his prey, staring confusedly at the carnage outside her transport, and later angrily at the Dragonlord, whom she seemed to single out as the leader. A nagging sensation in the back of his head seemed to remind him that just like he could sense the auras of Heroes, so could they sense the auras of outstanding Villains. Such as himself.
"What brought upon this slaughter? What did we do to your kind?", she seethed with fury, glaring harshly at the Dragonlord, her posture that of a woman steadfast in her beliefs and social stature. A princess or high priestess, one or both, would no doubt fit such a woman. The entrance of a hero had left his kobold minions awestruck, they slowly backed away. It was instinct to them, to not approach Heroes, as only an Overlord had the raw might to stand against them. Villain and Hero, the only ones equal to each other. The stranger things about this woman however, was her piercing, gleaming yellow eyes, and the fact she wore a ridiculously spiring turban upon her head. Her garments were that of white silk, which covered her curvacious form quite modestly.

host24: The dragonlord’s joyous expression didn’t fade when his enchantment fell and he was nearly clobbered by an errant door; if anything, it increased. “Oh, you silly girl,” he chided with a laugh that could have almost been disarming, had he not just killed her escort, “Can’t you see that I am a creature of life, and a dragon, no less? It is my domain to rule over as I see fit - and if I choose to take or mould it, well that is not for a mortal like you to interfere in.” he had said the whole thing as if no wrong had been done, and had the subject not been something so obviously evil, his demeanor and charm might have convinced the woman that he had been right. Still not seeming actually malicious, the draconian took on a cheeky expression. “But I will answer your actual question, even if you had no place to ask it.” He looked sidelong to his assembled kobolds. “Boys, drop your pants~.” He expected the little reptiles to greet the heroic woman with an array of male erections, and he expected the high-and-mighty woman to be put off by it - enough so that she would fail to notice him thrust the butt of his pike at her head, his expression suddenly quite cruel. “Bring her down!”

randomknight777: The woman stared coldly at the Dragonlord as he spoke with arrogance, ut the initial anger seemed to have faded from her expression. She even smirked at the 'mortal' comment. "You assume much, father of serpents.", she spoke mockingly as her only response to the Dragonlords speech. As he demanded his minions to drop their pants, all of them except a brown did, the last one speaking up. "What is pants?", all of them had small erections, given the pause from battle, and even a modestly clothed woman was enough for their simple minds to wander and imagine things. The woman had to stiffle a giggle. "Are you as... "well endowed" as your children? It would surprise me if otherwise was the case.", she mocked him once more, there was something about this woman that didn't quite feel right. Nonetheless, he took his chances, dashing up to pry his polearm from the dead body and the carriage, in order to strike upon the defenseless woman.
Said 'defenseless woman' evaded the brunt of the Dragonlords assault, the blunt end of his pike thrusting into her turban as she slipped away. Two things dawned upon him, one: He were a lousy fighter when lacking the element of surprise. two: the woman had fiery orange hair, and a pair of long horns, which would explain how such a rediculous turban had managed to stay upright on her head. And like they say, hell hath no fury like a woman scorn. And given how he had ordered his minions to drop their pants, only one of them were ready to attack. Well, two.
"YOU SHALL PAY FOR YOUR ARROGANCE, SERPENTBORN!", she wailed out with unbridled, unrestrained fury, and he found himself surrounded by scorching flames, that burnt even his scales, and fairly painfully at that!
Two of his kobolds now sprang out, the pantsless brown leaping after the woman, trying to latch onto and grapple her... Only to ineffective grope at her ass, causing her to yelp at the sudden molestation.
Far more effectively, the badly wounded Gniral leapt after the woman, seething with fury from the harm that befell the Dragonlord. "DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH HIM, HE IS MINE!", Gniral latched onto the womans back, and fairly painfully held back her arms in a restraining manner, sending the woman stumbling against the carriage, unable to act for the time being, as the Dragonlord recovered from the painful spell cast upon him.

host24: The dragonlord became increasingly more worried towards the woman, though he failed to show it. Her reaction to his minions wasn’t that of a noble human, and spoiled any attempt at surprise in his attack. Further, while he was no fighter, she clearly had better reactions than any simple noble, the source of which became clear as her headgear was removed. He didn’t have time to react, being scorched by her attack and put into fear for his life - and as a quick check afterwards showed, his scales had been made as dirty-brown as his common kobolds. Hell might have no fury like a demon scorned, but it would be severely tested by the fury of a terrestrial dragon with its pride wounded. “Suffer, you bitch!” screamed back the furious draconian, immediately weaving a spell that would tear the air from the demon’s lungs and close her throat, cutting her off from any more. Her mind would soon be broken in the transformation into his little hiveslut, but before that the wrathful reptile was going to watch her suffer, -slowly-, as she suffocated under his attack.

randomknight777: The Dragonlord weaved his magics, fueled by wrath at such indignity, and he could see the results, as the demoness spat out, dropping to her knees as air was forced out from her lungs, she trembled under the magical assault, far less able to get back on her legs and return, given her grappled state. The last word however, neither of them would have, as Gniral quite unceremonially, clocked the demoness in the back of the head with an angry headbutt, smashing the womans face into the dirty with enough force to render her unconscious, and possibly with a bloodied nose... And the last word were even further taken from the Dragonlord, as the pantsless kobold took note of his dirtied skin. "We look like Mastah now! Go browns!", the browns cheered, while the yellows jeered at such defeat to the pride they shared with the dragonlord.

In the aftermath, four of the guards confirmed for dead, and the Dragonlord easily harvested the lingering lifeforce, and had the option to harvest(thus kill), capture or leave the remaining two, still unconscious, guards. Victory was his, but at what cost?

host24: The brown didn’t have long to celebrate before he found the battle back on, and totally unprepared to defend himself. His master’s pike went through the underside of the kobold’s head, and he tossed the corpse off with a flick of the weapon, panting from the exertion as much as rage after losing so much of his strength in the demon’s attack. Without actually looking away from his former minion, the dragonlord spoke coldly and slowly. “If any of you. Make mention of This. -At All-. You will Share his Fate.” The draconian then walked away, beginning to whistle to himself as he poked through the ribcage of the first unconscious demon, piercing its heart, before laying a hand on it and absorbing its lifeforce… then going around to all the others, killing them if they seemed still alive of taking their energy if not. Despite the way he made himself look, the dragonlord was brimming with palatable, barely contained anger, and ready to make good on his threat at a moment’s notice. He would find a way to heal his dimmed scales, his magic had to be capable of rectifying the damage done. Only when he was finished collecting lifeforce did he turn to his minions; “Well? What are you doing? Search the carriage!”

randomknight777: The brown is skewered and discarded in a heartbeat by his fickle master, all of the kobolds freeze up, except Gniral, who looked on the wasteful display without any visible emotion. All the male kobolds nodded in near unison, silently agreeing to never speaking of it. The kobolds remained in place as the Dragonlord helped himself to the lifeforce of the slain demons, and despite being demons, they held no magical lifeforce, as one would otherwise expect from such entities. Perhaps they were half breeds or quarter breeds or somesuch similiar, all the same their inherent magic was long gone. He would need some time to recover from the heavy damage he suffered, and any form of healing would have to wait until he returned to his Lair. By the time he ordered the kobolds to ransack the carriage, Gniral had tied up, blindfolded, and gagged the demoness with clothscraps torn from the victims silken dress, in particular the sleeves were completely torn away. She had done nothing to lessen the modest nature of the dress though. After the pillaging, the kobolds managed to find a few things of note. two gold coins, five silver ones, a second silken dress, and a crimson colored, round crystal the size of a fist. It brimmed with fel energies, that much the Dragonlord could make out of its nature.


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Nov 15, 2008
Re: ThaidogRPG: The Dragonlord (Host)

host24: ”Now, what demonic artifact were you carrying, demon whore?” the creature of life rhetorically asked of his unconscious prisoner, studying the crystal his kobolds brought him. He had his kobolds search the downed guards if they already hadn’t, hoping for more gold, but not bothering to loot their equipment - though allowed his kobolds to take the swords and clothes if they wished. The only thing of real value on the peasants had been their lifeforce, and naught else was important to him. Going over to the woman, he found her already bound by his advisor’s initiative. “Good work, Gniral. You’re far more than the simple advisor I need you to be. You may have even saved my life bringing down the woman, though you did rob me of the satisfaction of dropping her myself.” He was only playfully annoyed when speaking of losing the opportunity to bring the demon down himself, the rest of the sentence being entirely praising. “I’ll have to punish you for that, later…” he hissed softly, bending to her level to flick his serpent’s tongue across her lips, knowing well what motivated the smaller sneak. But, immediately after, he turned his attention to the captured probable-demon. Quickly, with the benefit of his claws more than his strength, he tore through the front of her silks and exposed her bust. “Clothes aren’t becoming of a slut like this, don’t you think, men?” he asked loudly to his assembled kobolds. Then, hearing their almost certain ascent, he tore the rest of the way to the bottom of the outfit. The bindings on the woman held it largely in place, but now revealed far more; her undergarments may not have been cut, assuming she was wearing any, but nobody would be calling the outfit modest anymore.

Despite his rape of the woman’s outfit, the dragonlord would not yet extend it to the woman herself. “Pick up the soft one, we are going back to the ambush site. With luck, there may yet be a caravan still underguarded.” When they got back, the dragonlord would put up with his minions molesting his captive to an extent, enjoying the thought of her defilement, but would not allow them to fuck her, or soil her with their seed. She was His to punish, and they would do better to learn that sooner rather than later.

randomknight777: Naturally, the demoness did not respond to the dragonlords query, and the looting of the guards yielded nothing of value to the dragonlord, but what remained of his browns more then merrily helped himself to not only the curved swords, but also the turbans, putting the clothwraps on or around their heads with unbridled enthusiasm, already forgetting the grimness of losing one of their own, by their masters hands no less. Fickle creatures. Much like their master. The Yellows found nothing of note to claim for themselves, and seemed a little saddened by such. Gniral looked up to the Dragonlord, her face still showing little emotion, in fact, her eyes seemed to flicker more then anything. She nodded slowly as she listened to the dragonlords words, and a pleased little smile crossed her lips at the praise. The mention of punishment didn't phase her at all, and the teasing lick made her shiver softly. "Sounds... wonderful.", she uttered with a sigh, eyes rolling back as she fell down flat across the bound demoness back, unconscious. If the bloodsoaked cloth around her right arm were of any indication, she must've been a bit low on blood by now. Following the dragonlords tearing of the demoness clothes, the kobolds stared hungrily at their masters prize, which turned out to wear very stringy underwear, barely more then a patch of cloth covering her 'holy sanctuary'. As he ordered the retreat to the ambush spot, he had some time to gauge the situation.

He were quite weakened from the battle, at least physically, he had lost a brown kobold, or disposed of rather, and Gniral were out for the count. Not to mention the bloody scene he left behind himself... Things had taken a poor turn at the end of the battle against the demoness, and if such a thing happened again, he might not have a chance to walk away afterwards. For once, he was met by silence. In situations such as these, Gniral were quick to point such obvious things out to him, and offer her own opinion, which could easily imagine in his mind... "You are hurt, Dragonlord, you shouldn't take any chances when the situation is stacked against you, and you already have what you came for!"... Or something similiar to those lines, only showing concern for him and ignoring the plight of herself and her kin. The kobolds greedily grabbed and groped at the unconscious demoness, but didn't remove what little cloth remained on her, and made no advances that involved their cocks, for now at least.

host24: The reptile knew that his current actions were not exactly the most tactical, being somewhat riskier than he would have liked - and any ambush would have needed to happen right as the carriage appeared, as the other carriage and its grizzly remains were still on the road at their intended killzone. He didn’t plan on staying past the first group to leave the trading post, lest they start searching for the carriage’s attacker. He did use his mastery of life to infuse both himself and Gniral with energy, knowing that he would rather not have any more of his kobolds die, if possible… not that the first one strictly had to either.

randomknight777: The Dragonlord used the downtime to heal himself and his most devoted minion, and like a soothing breeze or stream of water, his body relaxed and revitalized, undoing a great deal of the damage he had suffered, but not all of it. Gniral on the other hand, appeared fully restored, her eyes flickering open slowly, as she druggishly looked around herself, as if her senses weren't quite healing as fast as her body had. "Where...?", she murmured, finally noticing and looking up to the Dragonlord, the fog in her eyes slowly clearing. "What happened?", far from her usual, determined self, Gniral for once not only sounded, but looked, vulnerable and meek. Perhaps a near death experience does that to oneself. It didn't look like any other travelers were approaching for the time being at least, giving the group time to rest up. On the plus side, the Dragonlords scales had regained some of their gleam, still a little darkened tho.

host24: “Good to see you up, Gniral.” The dragonlord would announce, patting and then stroking her head at the almost cutely, unusually vulnerable state the smaller creature showed. “Your wound made you pass out, and I patched it up. I am just waiting for a last group to leave, or for dusk to set in, before we head back.”

randomknight777: Gniral blinked a little, and tensed up, whimpering as the Dragonlord reached out for her. The moment his hand began to pat and stroke her however, she relaxed, even sighing in relief, and after a few moments even rubbed head against his hand, still not quite up for being mouthy, but not shocked enough to decline such a caring act from the Dragonlord. She didn't even comment on his plans, just sitting there on her scaled butt, enjoying her masters attention.

Another few hours would pass, well into the afternoon, before another wagon came along... It was the one he had sawn earlier, but now it wasn't loaded with building material or tools, it was empty. The female was still there, directing the two horses pulling the wagon, and three lumberjacks resting in the wagon itself.

host24: “Alright, we’re taking this one right now. Yellows, stone the driver and the lumberjacks afterwards; browns go in as soon as the fight starts. If the girl survives, I’ll even let you keep her.” He smiled slightly, knowing that would get a good reaction. “Okay, go.” His own action was against the ground itself, forcing excess life into the seeds naturally scattered on and in the ground, forcing them to sprout and grow according to his whims - which was to cover the path in front of the horses with a wall of vines, too much for them to force their way though.

randomknight777: The kobolds looked up to the dragonlord, grinning with glee at the prospect of more fighting, and especially so at getting something nice out of it! Gniral however, slowly got up and walked over towards the bound demoness, still unconscious thankfully. "I'll stay here, gonna keep an eye on this one.", she had a slight slouch to her, not yet fully recovered, mentally if anything. The yellows and browns quickly got in position, however, the browns were spotted by the girl directing the horses, mere moments afterwards, the dragonlord caused an erruption of growth, raising a barrier of vines that blocked the path, and the horses didn't have enough space to turn on the fairly small path. The woman began to panic, but a stone thrown by a yellow struck her squarely in the forehead, knocking out out on the spot... And then rest were just a massacre, two yellows took down a lumberjack with two well placed stones, the remaining yellows greatly harmed the remaining two, which the four browns finished off with great enthusiasm, using their shiny new curved swords! The horses themselves were panicing, but could do nothing in their current situation. Looks like this battle had been won before it even began... All lumberjacks were slain, the horses would be childsplay to finish off, and the kobolds were already swarming upon their price, a pretty young redhead.

host24: “Don’t get too frisky, my overeager little friends!” the dragonlord called to his entourage as he approached, draining the lifeforce from each dead creature as he walked to the front of the cart. “I’ll not have you fucking her on the open road, with that trading post barely out of sight! Now, pick her up and…” the dragonlord moved to the panicked horses, intending to kill them, but quite suddenly had a minor realization. Moving to the front of the carriage, he went to the animals. He cast a charm on each of the simple animals, intending to calm its mind, though the exertion was beginning to be clearly draining on the dragonlord. “Browns, use those new swords and hack down this errant growth, would you? Yellows, put the girl in the cart and then search it, I’m sure there’s going to be something somewhere back there.” The logging cart had entered town with a reasonable wealth of building materials, and the dragonlord suspected that the wealth would still be on the cart, even if the wood was not, after selling it at the trading post. …Assuming, of course, that the materials were traded, rather than simply moved to the post for the sake of constructing a new building in it, or something like that.

Needing the rest of his spoils, the master of kobolds went back to fetch Gniral, slinging the demon over his shoulder but taking a moment to do so, slightly exhausted and not actually all that strong. “Come along, the battle is won, and we’ll be leaving here in style.” He announced, walking back. When he arrived, the draconian took up the reigns. Not having driven a horse and cart before, he had little knowledge of what he was doing, though he did have at least a mild affinity with creatures. Once the cart was loaded, he bid his force do as they pleased with the redhead, and attempted to be off, his earlier charm and nature hopefully making the horses go as he wanted them to. When they came upon the remains of their first cart, the dragonlord sighed and once more exerted his magic, creating a small spike in the cobblestone road which was high enough and large enough to topple the carriage over and out of their way, then continued, hopefully unmolested, to their lair, or at least as close to it as they could get by cart.

randomknight777: The kobolds would carry out their masters order to the best of their abilities, and the dragonlord found the animals minds easy enough to influence in such mild amounts, it wasn't even a spell in its own right that he used, but it was enough. The browns murmured annoyedly as they had to leave the redheads side, but did as ordered, hacking away the vines. As the Dragonlord came to pick up the demoness, she was sitting there, apparently awake, but made no efforts to struggle. Gniral was sitting there, a little sour looking. She would nod. "Good, good. I want to go home.", she said bluntly, and walked ahead of the dragonlord, not even making any attempts to help him carry the demoness, not that she'd be of very much help there. By the time he returned to the wagon, the redhead was awake, stripped naked, and tied and gagged by scraps of her former clothes, with a brown happily thrusting into her, drawing muffled, paniced wails from the woman.

The Demoness would simply allow herself to be carried, and put away, by the dragonlord, offering no resistance. As the Dragonlord tried to handle the reigns, and doing a poor job at such, Gniral lightly pushed him in the side. "Let me, Dragonlord.", she would far more capably take the reigns to steer the animals on the right path, even without him having to topple the carriage off the road, but he could do so anyways if he wished, altough he were already mentally weakened as things were. The journey to the lair was a quiet one, apart from the moans and hisses coming from the kobolds having their way with the redhead, multiple times, in varied positions. The wagon had been completely empty of anything valuable, and likely had only been transporting building materials and tools, with the payment likely far outside their reach. The dragonlord had gained another three lifeforce from the lumberjacks tho, and the kobolds seemed pleased with their gift. Very much so.

Some time later, everything was at it's right place. The kobolds were in their part of the lair, still screwing the redhead, the demoness had been brought to the dragonlords quarters, or wherever he had decided to tie her up, the loot had been added to his treasury, and Gniral was her old self again, although fairly tired. The wagons and horses had been left outside, for possible later usage, unless the Dragonlord had opted to harvest the equines for even more lifeforce. All the same, he were free to do as he pleased, the sun had only just begun to set.

host24: For the moment the draconian would keep the horses alive, knowing he could take their lifeforce whenever he had need of it, and otherwise have a workable carriage until he did. The demon could wait till morning, and let the lack of care he action displayed let her know what he thought of her. The girl would have to be checked on at some point, both to ensure that the kobolds gave her a break and something to eat beyond their cum, as well as to see that at least one of the creatures had found and filled her pussy with seed, minions could be made with more than just lifeforce and hivequeens, after all. But first, first was his advisor. If he did not find her in his chambers, he would certainly call her there. “You helped me in many ways today, Gniral. But you also took vengeance from me, the ability to see the demon fall to my own magic. It seems that I owe you both a punishment… and a reward. The question is… which would you like, my faithful little one?” he purred as he walked to and held his smaller admirer, cupping her form but not yet doing anything overly sexual.

randomknight777: Gniral had been sitting in her usual spot, a hole in a wall left behind a pair of stoneblocks that had fallen out from there, a little cramped but it seemed to be her favorite place all the same. She had followed the Dragonlord in silence when her pressence was desired. She looked up to the Dragonlord in silence, albeit looked down when he put his hands on her, she shuddered a little, lost in thought. After a short moment, she spoke out. "Whatever the Dragonlord desires...?", there was a certain... uncertainty in her voice, as if unsure wether to feel joy or be afraid. That she lusted for him was clear to everyone, that she would accept punishment when it was due were also something clear. But being offered both, or either, whichever it now was, seemed to have caught her unprepared.

host24: Grinning at her apprehension, he replied, letting the uncertaintly linger as long as possible; “The ‘dragonlord desires’… to reward you.” Had he his full faculties about him, the dragonlord perhaps would have not offered to give even this minor power over him to his advisor, but there was little he expected her to do about it. “I will bring you to the heights of ecstasy, my loyal little lover. Any way you want to feel pleasure, I will indulge you… though ‘just once’.” Gniral’s master seemed to smile at that, saying it as if it was the punchline to some unheard joke, though the yellow-scaled kobold would have likely been distracted by one of the draconian’s hands curving down, a finger slowly stroking left-right across her petals.

randomknight777: Gniral blinked a little at the Dragonlords first response, gulping audibly, he could almost hear her little heart skip a few beats right then and there. As he continued, Gnirals eyes widened, only to look as if being slammed back into the stonecold earth from a fluffy cloud at the last part, a reminder of her place she seemed to grudgingly accept. "This once...", she murmured lowly, and stiffled a soft hiss as the Dragonlord rubbed over her quite moistened slit. She was like putty in his hands, but behind those delighted eyes, the gears and cogs seemed to turn, as if chewing her words over carefully. "I... may I... ask that the Dragonlord...", she didn't quite stammer the words out, but was struggling to find the right ones. "... Can I be the Dragonlords...", her words trailed off, becoming little more then whispering murmurs "... for the night?", the middle part had been tough to make out, but even in his state of semi-clarity, he could make out that it sounded notably akin to 'hive queen'.

host24: Some of the seduction dropped from the draconain at her request. “Gniral, you know I can’t do that. I can’t put lifeforce in you the way I put it in a hivequeen. But, if you want everything short of the lifeforce…” he continued, leaving the sentence unfinished as he stopped to kiss her, a soft one but slowly parted. Assuming her consent, he quietly continued; “Well then, my beautiful hive queen, are you ready to bear the fruit of my loins? And, more pressingly…” he slowly undid the lower part of his armour, allowing the relevant plates to slide from his erection, already nursed to fullness by a combination of the extra lifeforce present within him, and his cute and sexual advisor before him. “Are you ready to retrieve it…?” he asked, smiling slyly.

randomknight777: Gniral nodded understandingly, knowing full well the part about lifeforce. "Everything short of that...", she murmured, nodding. The kiss took her by surprise, but she visibly melted, returning the kiss to the best of her ability, passionate yet hungry, mere kisses wouldn't sate this female. At being called 'hive queen', Gniral shuddered, if leathery skin and scales would allow it, her cheeks would be deep orange in hue by now. The erection caught her eyes, she bit her lower lip, reaching up towards it briefly, but then lowered her hands, nodding eagerly. "Yes, yes... I... I am, please?", the kobolds eyes glanced to the dragonlords bed briefly a few times, as if unsure what was expected of her.

host24: With a wide grin and a sudden movement, Gniral’s master had her in his arms. She was considerably easier to carry than the demon had been, and he took her to his bed, laying her on it with her legs over the edge. Not a moment later the shaft he had uncovered was pushed up between those legs, rubbing against her mound as it went. He continued to grind slowly, speaking again with a hum of pleasure; “Mmmm… Glad to hear it. I’ve got ten people’s worth of lust in me thanks to the souls I collected, waiting to put it all in you is torture…” he pulled all the way back, then gave a not-entirely theatric groan as he pressed against her pussy with the head of his shaft, before simply sliding off again. “Guh.. It’s almost a shame you have such a tight little pussy, Gniral… we’re going to need to be very wet, even if it’s going to feel incredible for us, with my cock squeezed inside there…” he said the last part as a deep murmur, continuing to grind lightly against her, while also bringing the hand that was not bracing her between her legs, toying with her flower. Deliberately pushing his erection up just a little further and leaving it there, not far from her face, he asked, “Care to help get it wet…?”


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randomknight777: Gniral gasped lowly as she was whisked away, reflexively latching onto the dragonlord to steady herself, but offered no resistance or protest as she was laid against the bed, hissing out softly in delight as her masters shaft touched her body, and soon rubbed against her nethers. Her little clawed hands grasping the simple bedsheets, as if to steady herself, groaning quietly, hissing impatiently as the Dragonlord continued to merely tease and toy with her body. She let out a meek moan as he pressed more firmly against her slit, as if to pentrate... And made her whine softly in protest as he slid over and not into her quivering snatch. She wasn't entirely swallowing his arguement that he had to be real wet, especially given her soaked womanhood, as his toying digits quickly felt. As he pushed himself up, she pouted, and stared at the large erection with wanton desire, before he could even finish his sentence, he found the nimble little female shift position, her feet pressing up against his crotch, and within moments encircled the base of his length, rubbing around it as she pushed herself up and forward, arching her back, almost curling into a ball as her lips hungrily sank around his shaft. He had been teasing her a little too much he might've realized, as her tongue lashed across and around his shaft, coating it thickly with saliva as she continued pushing forward, taking the member deeply into her maw and beyond, as he could feel her throat gag and clench around the tip of his member, despite her snout.

host24: The dragonlord breathed enjoyment of Gniral’s treatment once he had finished speaking, which increased into a moan as the kobold continued to display her affection in an increasingly passionate manner. “Good gods~!” the draconian exclaimed,in surprise as much as pleasure, finding Gniral almost coming nose to feet as she swallowed more than she could strictly fit. With a hand on her head, Gniral’s master guided her away from going quite so deep again, though he didn’t pull her off for a few moments, either. “I didn’t think you’d be quite so -vigorous-, Gniral…”, he said, eyes surprised but mouth smiling with pride at his advisor’s devotion. As aroused as she was, he had to be quite gentle as he stroked her folds, else she might use up her one orgasm before even getting him inside - and she probably wouldn’t take -that- very well.“If you want it that badly, my queen… I won’t make you wait any longer!” True to his statement, the dragonlord’s cock popped from her mouth and to the smaller kobold’s entrance in what was almost one fluid motion, stopping only momentarily to adjust himself before thrusting into her - quickly, but certainly far from harshly. A growl of pleasure was immediately in the reptile’s throat as most of his manhood found itself buried in Gniral’s pussy; the girl was no hivequeen, despite their game, but the dragonlord still felt a swelling desire to fill his smaller relative with new life.

Grinning down at the female form locked in pleasure, the reptile began with slower, but more deliberate thrusts, knowing that Gniral was clearly not going to last long, and certainly not as long as he would. Even so soon after penetration, his servant was quivering quite desperately around and against him, clearly aching for more. This time it was his turn to curl up, pushing his head towards hers as he gave the kobold this day’s third kiss, largely intertwining their reptilian muzzles in contrast to the earlier pecks. With sharper thrusts to part the deepest points of the kobold’s pussy, he tried to tempt an orgasm from his flushed partner.

randomknight777: Gniral hissed quietly in protest as the dragonlords shaft was removed from her maw, but quickly caught on to his plans, leaning back and spreading out, offering herself completely to his advances. She hissed, moaned and stiffled a wince as she was thrust into, crying out with desire. She wasn't much of a talker now, compared to her usual self outside the dragonlords bedchambers, her focus entirely on their union. Perhaps to the dragonlords surprise, perhaps not, he found the small kobolds body surprisingly flexible and accomodating, supple, leathery skin stretching harmlessly while the softer, wetter flesh within made way for his girth. Despite the physical size differences, there was nothing stopping him from settling the entirety of his maleness within her womanhood.

Gniral groaned and writhed, clawed hands digging into the already ragged old bedsheets for support, her small chest pushing out as she arched herself, hungrily locking lips with her master, passion and lust that might very well exceed his own twofold in her every action. Much to the dragonlords suspicions however, Gniral couldn't compete with his endurance, soon muffedly crying out into his maw as a gush of slick juices washed around his member, and she seemed to grow more delirious and high on bliss with every passing moment, soon she might be little more then a moaning husk, mind reduced to a tangle of delight and pleasure. Nothing she couldn't recover from, thankfully, a good nights rest and she'd be her usual self, the dragonlord knew that.

host24: Gniral’s pleasure was stifled somewhat, as her master stopped thrusting and pulled out of her as soon as he noticed her peak. Overconfidently believing (correctly) that she would want more, the Dragonlord pinned her while she was still in the throes of ecstasy. Still controlled by primal desires, it was unavoidable that Gniral would look at the Dragonlord with a pitiful, desperate expression. “Now now, don’t be greedy. I said I’d only give you it once.” He said, though amused rather than scolding, the draconian wearing a small, cheeky smile. “It’s one more than I give the males.” In a quick roll, the dragonlord reversed their positions, ending up under Gniral. “Now, then, I’ve given you your reward… first, as you asked for. It’s time you were punished, Gniral.” The joviality he had shown moments ago slowly faded as he spoke, though he seemed far from hostile, or angry, instead becoming stern. “You’ve had your fun at playing hivequeen, but now you’re back to being what you always were… my cute, brilliant advisor.” Despite the declaration, the dragonlord’s tone hadn’t changed even slightly, looking intensely at his subordinate. “For your punishment, I am going to use your addictive little love-tunnel to bring me pleasure, and I’m going to make you bear my hatchlings. I don’t care how many times you cum, I’m not going to stop until I’ve poured life into your eggs.” The golden draconian declared, already moving the smaller reptile to sit on the head of his shaft, his hands firmly positioned to make good on his statment, and begin using Gniral as a living toy. His words had sounded like a threat, as if it wasn’t exactly everything Gniral could have asked of her lord, as if she wouldn’t be throwing herself into the motions of bouncing on his cock. “…So, does it sound like an appropriate punishment?” he asked, finally showing a smile, but thrusting into his advisor before she could respond.

The dragonlord’s first thrust hilted himself in her, hissing as his erection sung with pleasure; he had paused for far too long for his libido’s liking, and the reptile’s body rewarded the renewed rutting by sending tingling warmth all-through him. For a few moments he simply shifted her on the end of his shaft, letting the day’s fourth kiss pass between the entrance of Gniral’s womb and the tip of his dick. The draconian could feel her womb through his magic, empty and oh-so-fertile, a lovely, greedy vessel, begging him to drown it in his cum just as explicitly as the kobold’s own face. While the gold draconian did start to thrust a moment later, his intention was not to feel the wonderful sensation of a pussy’s inner folds rubbing and grasping his shaft, so much as the opposite. Gniral’s master had been lying when he said he did not care how many times she came. He hoped to feel her snatch wringing his shaft as her body came; at least once more, twice if he could manage it, to make up for the teasing way he had started things out. Still, his body was eager to answer the call of his advisor’s womb, and, spurred on by the lifeforce he had taken into himself, his sac beat impatiently, eagerly awaiting its role…

randomknight777: Gniral whimpered meekly in protest as the source of her pleasure was once more taken away, her snout quivering as her mouth forming a pout, staring up at him confusedly and pleadingly. His words that he had only promised her such pleasure one time didn't make things better, as she had clearly hoped for to be filled with his seeds once. The comment about the males did nothing. The koboldess sniffled and nodded her head at the mention of punishment, and even if the Dragonlord couldn't read thoughts, Gnirals expression said it all: "As if already stopping was not punishment enough". Gniral yelped quietly as she was rolled around with, a little disoriented and confused at ending up ontop of the Dragonlord. The kobold gave him an odd look as she was complimented, as if uncertain how to feel about them, given that punishment was due. As he elaborated on what her punishment would be, her eyes widened in surprise, confusion... And ultimately delight, clearly this was just the right kind of 'punishment' for the quivering little female, but she held still. She accepted the sentence with what little dignity remained, and while her body, and mind, clearly lusted for his shaft to once more stretch and fill her womanhood, she let him remain in full control.

Gniral cried out a blissful hiss in union with her master as she hilted upon him, writhing meekly as her addictive love-tunnel greedily clenched around his dragonhood. And once he began to pick up pace and return to where they left off. And by no doubt great effort from Gniral, the small female managed to, if just barely, keep herself conscious for no less then two powerful orgasms, slickening her masters tool and crotch with her slick juices. After that, her mind seemed to just break down, eyes rolled back in their sockets, and nothing but incoherent mumbles and cries of ecstacy escaping her lips. Her body could go on for a while, however, albeit only to barely keep herself upright and to continue being used by the Dragonlord. And much like he had anticipated, any climax of his would be well recieved, with Gnirals pussy milkingly spasming around his shaft, her womb greedily sucking in all sperm he had to offer her.

host24: The dragonlord was in no position to stop himself from growling lustily, the pleasures of his advisor’s body quite enough to force the sound out of him even if he hadn’t been willing to make it. He was taking a setting pace than the kobold perhaps would have herself, and certainly making deeper thrusts than the kobold could have, but if the overwhelmed, lolling expression she made was any indication, Gniral didn’t mind. Her yelps became quickly more fervent, her body quivering as she approached and quickly reached an orgasm; vainly her pussy tried quite desperately to milk the dragonlords shaft, but while unsuccessful she did force him to stop, his back arching as he let out a moan lost under her own shout. He didn’t put up with the pause for long, not so close to filling Gniral with seed, and her body hadn’t even finished twitching before it was pushed to the base of the draconian’s cock once more. The tiny, quick thrusts of her body against her hips were barely visible, but certainly well felt for both of the pair; the dragonlord didn’t exactly look the most prideful or majestic being with his head flung back and a constant, growing moan on his lips, but his advisor looked positively out of her mind. Gniral’s master forced her first orgasm to build into a second one only a few moments after, and the event was too much for the dragonlord to resist. Even as Gniral squealed in coital bliss, her expression blankly delighted, her master managed to shout out what was either the first part of her name or a general gasp of pleasure -and then followed it up with a roar as his body finally surrendered its seed to Gniral, back jolting arched with the desperate force the dragonlord’s body used to jet a superhumanly excessive amount of cum from his manhood, straight into the deepest parts of his advisor. Despite her own orgasm’s best efforts to squeeze in as much as it could, there was only so much the koboldess’ body could hold. The dragonlord visibly flinched with each spurt of his fluids; the fleshy lock of the kobold’s quivering pussy around his cock, even despite her wonderful tightness, being quickly broken by the volume of his release, splattering their linked hips with gushes of the overflow. By the time his hyperactive physiology had calmed down, a distinct circle of wetness had spread from their groins and over to the bedsheets themselves, their lower bodies both now thoroughly plastered white. The dragonlord spent a minute figuring out if all his accumulated lifeforce was still inside him, where it belonged - not that he could have done anything but pant, anyway. As excessive as the event had been, it was about as he expected given the ten people’s worth of lifeforce running havoc in his body, one of them the powerful dragon of life himself. Finding all the energy accounted for - with the exception of his own physical energy, after a fucking like that - the dragonlord pulled the now-quite-dazed girl from his shaft, given that they would end up undeniably glued together if he hadn’t done something. Everything beyond that - taking her to her own room, dealing with the demon, cleaning up… none of it was something he could be bothered to interrupt soaking in the lingering sensation of fucking and filling his advisor, and he let himself fall into sleep.

randomknight777: Gniral had, by the time the Dragonlord had finished, fallen unconscious. A delirious smile on her lips as she slumbered. The Dragonlord was exhausted, and he found himself falling asleep next to Gniral. In his dreams, he saw a blurred visage of himself and what presumably was a brown kobold. He saw the visage strike the kobold down. Blurred red streamed out, beginning to envelope everything. His own visage stood there, laughing, as it's golden gleam darkened to tarnished bronze.

The Dragonlord jerked awake, a lingering sense of dread in the deepest part of his mind. But as he had awakened, the feeling began to fade... But the dream was still clear in his memory. A quick lookover of his body showed no signs of having lost its golden coloration, it also had not lost the sizeable splatter of cum across his crotch and inner thighs, now quite dried. Strangely, Gniral was nowhere to be seen. She had managed to recover quicker than him, somehow. Nonetheless, there was wicked deeds to be done and taken care of, memories of yesterday easily enough returning. How he had ambushed travellers twice, captured a demoness, his kobolds had gotten a plaything to vent themselves upon, and within, and his lengthy mating with Gniral.
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