The World


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Jul 6, 2011
(There may be more races to come, haven't decided yet. PM me if you have a request.)

Further info
The world around you: The world is an alternate version of Earth's Dark Ages, but with mythical creatures, and no Christianity. Different realms of humans pray to different gods, and there is certain relations between provinces that must be taken into account.

The Realms

Seshynua: Hot and arid, the Seshynuans live near a great river, an oasis carved by the gods they worship for them. Very little contact with the outside world, they neither have peace nor hatred with any other civilization. They worship the Old Egyptian religion. +4 to Dexterity, +2 Personality. Penalty: Blind Faith.

Yore: Yore is a mythical place that all cultures believe in to a certain degree. It is a hidden place, and not much is known of it by the outside world, even the location is shrouded in mystery. (Added for story.)

Atlantis: An island in the ocean, the Atlanteans are technologically superior, but peaceful. Very few warriors develop, but they have a deep curiousity, and know the lands better than any other people. In this timeline, Atlantis was never destroyed, and it advanced into a somewhat Steampunk society. Worship the Greek gods. +4 to Mind, -1 to Strength. Penalty: Overconfidence.

Juten: Bitterly cold, Juten is home to the vikings, who are fierce fighters, as well as a highly spiritual people. Rumors about the Jutens provail, and some were even spread by the Jutens themselves. They are highly xenophobic, and suspicious of strangers, but are fiercely loyal to their friends. Worship the Norse gods. +6 to Strength, +2 to Mind, -2 to personality. Penalty: Rage.

Kuyekul: The lands of the Kuyekuls are hot and humid, a jungle teeming with life and danger. They despise outsiders, and have fierce warriors. Fiercely loyal to their people, they only venture out of their hidden cities if they feel threatened. +4 Strength +2 Dexterity, -1 to personality. Penalty: Tunnel Vision.
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